• 1:15 time limit. Managers will determine last inning.
  • Teams will bat their entire line-up, each inning.
  • 6-8 players per team, all players are in the field (no player shall sit on the bench on defense).
  • The batter is allowed 3 pitches and then must hit from a tee.
  • No bunting allowed.
  • Only one base is to be taken on a hit ball - no running the bases freely.
  • Pitching must be done from 25 foot or further.
  • 1:30 time limit. Both managers around 1:15 mark must come to a determination of the last inning. If neither manager comes to an agreement, then time limit is played. If the game is ties after the time limit, the game ends in a tie.
  • 5-run-rule will be in effect in every inning except for the last inning, where unlimited runs are allowed.
  • Teams will bat their entire roster.
  • 10 players are permitted to play in the field.
  • 12 players on a team: no one player shall sit out more than one inning. 13 players on a team: no one player shall sit out more than 2 innings.
  • Pitcher's helper must wear a helmet and a heart guard.
  • The batter is allowed 5 pitches or three strikes. There are no walks.
  • No bunting allowed.
  • Managers/Coaches are recommended to pitch overhand.


  • Pitching must be done from 35 foot or further.
  • Any accidental interference by offensive or defensive coaches will result in a dead ball. Any base runners will return to their previous base, and the batter will resume with the same count he/she had before the previous pitch.
  • One defensive coach is allowed on the field with the players, preferably in or around center field.


  • Outfielders must start any play in the outfield grass.
  • No player may play more than 3 innings at the same position.

Base Running:

  • Implement halfway rule with infield control. Infield control is defined as an infielder with the ball in his/her mitt or hand. If a runner has not progressed past the halfway mark by the time the infield has control of the ball, then the runner will need to go back to the previous base uncontested. The base runner cannot be tagged out when returning to the previous base. If a runner has crossed the halfway mark, then they can proceed to the next base and the ball is live. The runner can still be tagged out at the upcoming base.
  • A base runner may take an extra base on an overthrow with no advancement on continued errors.

Rookie Baseball & Rookie Softball

General Rules

  • All volunteers must have a background check.
  • No negative team chants allowed from offense or defense.
  • Out of control players may be removed from the dugout and handed over to a guardian or parent. This would be a measure for a drastic incident that's affecting the attitude or concentration of other players.